Data-Intensive Scalable Computing Laboratory (DISCL)

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Technical Reports

Limited Distribution Notice: Technical Reports are published and distributed from this website for early dissemination of TTU-DISCL research findings. Technical Reports may have been submitted for publication outside of TTU-DISCL and will probably be copyrighted if accepted for publication. In view of the transfer of copyright to the outside publisher, the distribution of Technical Reports outside of TTU-DISCL prior to publication should be limited to peer communications and specific requests. After outside publication, requests should be filled only by reprints or legally obtained copies of the article (e.g. payment of royalties).


  • F. Conlon, J. Zhou, S. Yang, Y. Chen. Distributed Framework and Algorithm Design for Large-scale Biological Sequence Alignment. Technical Report 2017-02. June 2017. [Abstract]
  • J. Zhou, F. Conlon, S. Yang, Y. Chen. Parallel Slgorithms Research on Burrows-Wheeler Transformation for Short Read Alignment. Technical Report 2017-01. June 2017. [Abstract]


  • W. Zhang, Y. Chen. Analysis on Graph Partitioning for Distributed Graph-centric Computing. Technical Report. April 2015. PDF
  • J.D. Leidel, X. Wang, Y. Chen. GoblinCore64: Architectural Specification. Technical Report 2015-001. March 2015. PDF


  • D. Dai, X. Zhou, D. Kimpe, R. Ross, Y. Chen. Domino: A Trigger-based Incremental Programming Model with Non-blocking Synchronization for Cloud Computing. [ Abstract ] [ Technical Report ]


  • J.L. Liu, Y. Chen. Fast Data Analysis with Integrated Statistical Metadata in Scientific Datasets. [Abstract] [ Technical Report ]
  • Y. Chen, C. Chen, Y. Yin, X.-H. Sun, R. Thakur, W. D. Gropp. Rethinking High Performance Computing System Architecture for Big Data Applications. [Abstract] [ Technical Report ]


  • C. Chen, Y. Chen.Dynamic Active Storage for High Performance IO. [Abstract] [ Technical Report ]
  • Y. Chen, C. Chen, X.-H. Sun, W. D. Gropp, R. Thakur. A Decoupled Execution Paradigm for Data-Intensive High-End Computing. [Abstract] [ Technical Report ]
  • A. Tambi and Y. Chen. A Comprehensive Benchmark Suite for Emerging Solid State Drives. [Abstract] [ Technical Report ]
  • Y. Guvvala, Y. Chen, and Y. Zhuang. Rethinking RAID for SSD based HPC Systems. [Abstract] [ Technical Report ]