Data-Intensive Scalable Computing Laboratory (DISCL)


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 ====== News Archive ====== ====== News Archive ======
 +===== 2017 =====
 +  * ** December 2017**, Ph.D. students Mr. Ghazanfar Ali and Ms. Elham Hojati received NSF student travel grants for attending the UCC'17 and BDCAT'​17 conferences. Congratulations to them. 
 +  * ** September 2017**, Dr. Dai attended [[https://​​pact17/​|PACT'​17]] in Portland Oregon to present the paper [[http://​​ddai/​papers/​dong-pact-lps-2017.pdf|"​Lightweight Provenance Service for High Performance Computing"​]]. Slides are [[http://​​ddai/​papers/​dong-pact-lps-talk-2017.pdf|Here]].
 +  * ** August 2017**, NSF funded our collaborative research project with [[https://​​~mzheng/​news/​news.html|Dr. Zheng]] on [[https://​​awardsearch/​showAward?​AWD_ID=1718336|Uncovering Vulnerabilities in Parallel File Systems]]. Congratulations to Dr. Chen and Dr. Dai!
 +  * ** August 2017**, [[http://​​events/​workshops/​p2s2/​2017/​index.php|The Tenth International Workshop on Parallel Programming Models and Systems Software for High-End Computing (P2S2)]] was successfully held in conjunction with ICPP'​17 in Bristol, UK, and Dr. Leidel participated in the workshop and presented a study titled "​OpenMP Memkind: An Extension for Heterogeneous Physical Memories"​. He also chaired the invited papers session.
 +  * ** June 2017**, Dr. Dai and Ph.D student Mr. Wei Zhang attended [[http://​​2017/​|HPDC'​17]] in Washington DC to present the paper {{ ::​p219-dai.pdf |"​IOGP:​ An Incremental Online Graph Partitioning Algorithm for Distributed Graph Databases"​}}. Zhang also received the NSF Travel Award for attending HPDC'​17. ​
 +  * ** May 2017**, Our work on [[publications|HPC provenance tracking]] has been accepted to [[https://​​pact17/​|PACT'​17]]! Congratulations to Dr. Dai!
 +  * ** May 2017**, Dr. Chen and Ph.D student Mr. Wei Xie attended the [[http://​|IPDPS'​17]] and won the Third Place in the Best Poster session. Xie also received the NSF Travel Award for attending IPDPS'​17. Congratulations!
 +  * ** April 2017**, The NSF I/UCRC Cloud and Autonomic Computing Center Semi-Annual Meeting ([[http://​​cac/​|TTU site]]) was successfully held at University of Arizona, congratulations!
 +  * ** March 2017**, Ph.D. students Xi Wang, Wei Zhang, and Frank Conlon will be taking summer intern researcher position at the DOE Argonne National Lab, Lawrence Berkeley National Lab, and Sandia Laboratories,​ respectively,​ for summer 2017. Masters student Ali Nosrati will be taking summer internship with Dell Inc. Congratulations to them!
 +  * ** March 2017**, Ph.D. student Wei Xie received the Doctoral Dissertation Completion Fellowship. Congratulations to Wei!
 +  * ** March 2017**, [[http://​​|The 2nd Joint International Workshop on Parallel Data Storage & Data-Intensive Scalable Computing Systems (PDSW-DISCS’17)]] will be held at SC'17 in Denver, CO.
 +  * ** February 2017**, Ph.D. student Mr. John Leidel successfully defended his dissertation entitled “GoblinCore-64:​ A Scalable, Open Architecture for Data Intensive High Performance Computing”;​ Congratulations to Dr. Leidel! [[2017_feb._mr._john_leidel_s_phd_dissertation_defense|(Gallery>>​)]]
 ===== 2016 ===== ===== 2016 =====