Data-Intensive Scalable Computing Laboratory (DISCL)


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 ====== News Archive ====== ====== News Archive ======
 +===== 2017 =====
 +  * ** December 2017**, Ph.D. students Mr. Ghazanfar Ali and Ms. Elham Hojati received NSF student travel grants for attending the UCC'17 and BDCAT'17 conferences. Congratulations to them. 
 +  * ** September 2017**, Dr. Dai attended [[|PACT'17]] in Portland Oregon to present the paper [[|"Lightweight Provenance Service for High Performance Computing"]]. Slides are [[|Here]].
 +  * ** August 2017**, NSF funded our collaborative research project with [[|Dr. Zheng]] on [[|Uncovering Vulnerabilities in Parallel File Systems]]. Congratulations to Dr. Chen and Dr. Dai!
 +  * ** August 2017**, [[|The Tenth International Workshop on Parallel Programming Models and Systems Software for High-End Computing (P2S2)]] was successfully held in conjunction with ICPP'17 in Bristol, UK, and Dr. Leidel participated in the workshop and presented a study titled "OpenMP Memkind: An Extension for Heterogeneous Physical Memories". He also chaired the invited papers session.
 +  * ** June 2017**, Dr. Dai and Ph.D student Mr. Wei Zhang attended [[|HPDC'17]] in Washington DC to present the paper {{ ::p219-dai.pdf |"IOGP: An Incremental Online Graph Partitioning Algorithm for Distributed Graph Databases"}}. Zhang also received the NSF Travel Award for attending HPDC'17. 
 +  * ** May 2017**, Our work on [[publications|HPC provenance tracking]] has been accepted to [[|PACT'17]]! Congratulations to Dr. Dai!
 +  * ** May 2017**, Dr. Chen and Ph.D student Mr. Wei Xie attended the [[|IPDPS'17]] and won the Third Place in the Best Poster session. Xie also received the NSF Travel Award for attending IPDPS'17. Congratulations!
 +  * ** April 2017**, The NSF I/UCRC Cloud and Autonomic Computing Center Semi-Annual Meeting ([[|TTU site]]) was successfully held at University of Arizona, congratulations!
 +  * ** March 2017**, Ph.D. students Xi Wang, Wei Zhang, and Frank Conlon will be taking summer intern researcher position at the DOE Argonne National Lab, Lawrence Berkeley National Lab, and Sandia Laboratories, respectively, for summer 2017. Masters student Ali Nosrati will be taking summer internship with Dell Inc. Congratulations to them!
 +  * ** March 2017**, Ph.D. student Wei Xie received the Doctoral Dissertation Completion Fellowship. Congratulations to Wei!
 +  * ** March 2017**, [[|The 2nd Joint International Workshop on Parallel Data Storage & Data-Intensive Scalable Computing Systems (PDSW-DISCS’17)]] will be held at SC'17 in Denver, CO.
 +  * ** February 2017**, Ph.D. student Mr. John Leidel successfully defended his dissertation entitled “GoblinCore-64: A Scalable, Open Architecture for Data Intensive High Performance Computing”; Congratulations to Dr. Leidel! [[2017_feb._mr._john_leidel_s_phd_dissertation_defense|(Gallery>>)]]
 ===== 2016 ===== ===== 2016 =====