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Data-Intensive Scalable Computing Laboratory (DISCL)

1. This document introduced how to edit the DISCL homepage slide

2. It’s using a plugin:

3. To show pictures in this slides properly, pictures must keep the same length to width ratio. For this homepage slides, the ratio is 1000:330. If it’s still showing ugly outcome, please make them the same pixels size: 1000×330 pixels

4. After getting a raw material, please make necessary edit: erase off-topic part, showing essential content, etc

5. Please make a 1000:330 ratio blank white jpg, example:

6. Paste picture into that white jpg, MUST center align.

7. Add logo and title as watermark into the picture. Font of watermark is ‘comfartaa’. The following website has been used to do this part DISCL logo:

8. Test the slides in the playground, and test it on different monitors.