Data-Intensive Scalable Computing Laboratory (DISCL)

2021 May., Mr. John Leidel's Presentation at IPDPS'21 Best Paper Ceremony 2021 Mar., Mr. Wei Zhang's Phd Dissertation Defense 2020 Oct., Fall Seminar 2019 Nov., SC'19 in Denver 2019 May, Spring Semester
2017 Feb., Mr. John Leidel's Phd Dissertation Defense 2017 Spring Seminar 2016 Nov., Visiting University of Utah 2016 Dec., Christmas Party 2016 Nov., SC'16
2016 Oct., CAC Semi-Annual Fall 2016 Oct., MemSys 2016 Sep., Docker Meetup 2016 Fall Seminar 2016 Aug., P2S2
2016 April, Big Data Symposium 2016 April, CAC Semi-Annual Spring 2016 April, Mr. John Leidel's Phd Dissertation Proposal 2016 Mar., Mr. Mahesh Gurram's Master's Project Defense 2016 Mar., Mr. Qiang Gu's Master's Project Defense
2016 Mar., Mr. Xi Wang's Master's Thesis Defense 2016 Mar., Dr. Robert Ricci's Visit 2016 Feb.- May, Spring Seminars 2015 Nov., Fall Seminars 2015 Nov., GoblinCore-64 Demo @ SC'15
2015 Nov., NSF Compute On Data Path Project Meeting @ SC'15 2015 Nov., DISCS-2015 Workshop @ SC'15 2015 Oct., NSF Compute On Data Path Project Meeting 2015 Oct., Mr. Misha Ahmadian's Master's Thesis Defense 2015 Oct., CAC Semi-Annual Fall
2015 Aug., ICPP-2015, P2S2-2015, and Visits to TJU, NKU, and Baidu 2015 May, Dr. Kevin Jin's Visit 2015 May, Commencement 2015 April, DISCI Meeting 2014 Sep., ICPP
2014 Aug., REU Project Presentations 2014 May, CCGrid 2013 Feb., Appathon 2013 Oct., BigData 2013 Sep., Cluster
2011 Sep., Group meetings 2011 May, DISCFarm Project Group Members Picture