Data-Intensive Scalable Computing Laboratory (DISCL)

Mission Statement

The Data-Intensive Scalable Computing Laboratory (DISCL) at the Texas Tech University has broad research interests in parallel and distributed computing, high-performance computing, Cloud computing, computer architectures and systems software with a focus on building scalable computing systems for data-intensive applications in high-performance scientific computing/high-end enterprise computing.


  • November 2015, Mr. John Leidel, Mr. Xi Wang, Ms. Nika Ghiasi, and Dr. Chen will conduct a demo for “GoblinCore-64: An Emerging, Open Architecture for Data Intensive High Performance Computing” at The 2015 ACM/IEEE Supercomputing (SC'15) Conference in the Emerging Technologies (at EMT 117). HPC Wire.
  • September 2015, Dr. Jiang Zhou and Dr. Yong Chen presented papers at the International Conference for Parallel Processing in Beijing, China. John Leidel also presented a paper at the P2S2 workshop hosted by ICPP.
  • August 2015, Ph.D. student Mr. John Leidel presented a poster at the ModSim Workshop.
  • August 2015, Congratulations to Dr. Jialin Liu for joining Lawrence Berkeley National Lab and congratulations to Dr. Yin Lu for joining Texas Tech University as a research faculty.
  • June 2015, Ph.D. student Mr. John Leidel presented at the RISC-V Workshop. Please read more.
  • June 2015, Congratulations to Yin Lu for receiving 2015 Summer Dissertation/Thesis Research Award!
  • March 2015, Masters students Mr. Soheil Mazaheri and Ms. Kalaranjani Vijayakumar defended thesis entitled “Cloud Benchmarking in Bare-Metal, Virtualized, and Containerized Execution Environments” and “Exploring In-memory HDF5 and Early Evaluations”, respectively. Congratulations to them!
  • March 2015, Ph.D. student Jialin Liu successfully defended his dissertation entitled “Fast Data Analysis Framework for Scientific Big Data Applications”; Congratulations Dr. Liu!
  • March 2015, Ph.D. student Yin Lu successfully defended his dissertation entitled “Towards Efficient Data Movement at Extreme Scale”; Congratulations Dr. Lu!
  • January 2015, Welcome Dr. Jiang Zhou joining our group!
  • December 2014, Dr. Dong Dai attended the NSFCloud Workshop on Experimental Support for Cloud Computing in Arlington, VA.
  • November 2014, Dr. Dong Dai, Mr. Jialin Liu, Mr. John Leidel, Mr. Eric Valenzuela, and Dr. Chen attended the ACM/IEEE Supercomputing (SC'14) conference in New Orleans. Dr. Dai successfully presented one study on two-choice randomized I/O scheduling (paper, presentation) at the SC'14 main conference and one study on rich metadata management (paper, presentation) at the PDSW'14 workshop. Mr. Valenzuela successfully presented an ACM SRC research poster on HPC multi-level dedup at the SC'14 main conference. Congratulations to them.
  • November 2014, Dr. Chen chaired The Third International Workshop on Data-Intensive Scalable Computing Systems (DISCS), a full-day workshop at the 2014 ACM/IEEE Supercomputing Conference (SC'14) in New Orleans, with editing a Special Issue on Data-Intensive High Performance Computing with The International Journal of High Performance Computing Applications (IJHPCA).
  • November 2014, Dr. Chen received Texas Tech University Mortar Board and Omicron Delta Kappa Outstanding Faculty Recognition Award and Whitacre College of Engineering Research Award.